StbG 1985

Abbreviation for the Staatsbürgerschaftsgesetz 1985 (Austrian Citizenship Act of 1985) which contains provisions about acquiring, revoking an all aspects of citizenship.


(en. pledge of allegiance) part of the citizenship ceremony in which you are asked to repeat an oath pledging allegiance to the Republic of Austria and its values.

lex solis

(en. Law of soil) law of countries where citizenship is conferred by virtue of where you born rather than by descent.

lex sanguinis

(en. Law of blood) countries that confer citizenship based on your descent rather than based on the country you were born is are said to have lex sanguinis.

durch Abstammung

by descent: ie. Citizenship derived by virtue of your parent’s citizenship (due to lex sanguinis).


Application appointment – i.e. the appointment at which you submit your application to naturalise.