How do other Brits in Austria feel about naturalising?

I started this blog when I had already made the decision that I would naturalise and take Austrian citizenship. From the outset I have always advocated that the decision is the right one for my personal circumstances – both in terms of my professional activities and my family. Given my wife’s experience I am aware that the road ahead is a long one. A number of other Britons in Austria have asked why I already feel so convinced about the decision, while they prefer to wait and see. Continue reading “How do other Brits in Austria feel about naturalising?”

The Citizenship Test – Part of the Process

In addition to proving adequate language skills (B1/B2 level depending on which process applies to you) there is also another step further down the line after all the paperwork has been satisfactorily submitted: a citizenship test to be taken in German to prove that you know enough about Austria and the country’s history and political system. Sounds intimidating? Continue reading “The Citizenship Test – Part of the Process”

The first step of a long journey…

Tuesday’s announcement from Downing Street was unexpected. Its timing meant that having announced last October, with a considerable fanfare that the “15 year rule” was to be consigned to history and that British citizens will have a vote for life even if they no longer reside in the UK, that that will not be the case at the next General Election, a mere seven weeks away. Continue reading “The first step of a long journey…”

Overcoming the Emotional Bond of Citizenship

While I was blogging in the run-up to the Referendum, and in the aftermath of the result, I had many thoughts about whether, and how quickly to start, to apply for Austrian citizenship. My emotions about whether to remain British or take citizenship swung back and forth for a long time during 2016. It was a topic I also looked at in the blog last December.

Continue reading “Overcoming the Emotional Bond of Citizenship”

What documentation do you require for applying for Austrian citizenship?

One of the major hurdles to clear is getting all the paperwork needed for the application – and getting it right first time. Depending on life circumstances, this can be remarkably straightforward, or decidedly complicated. Previously annulled marriages in foreign countries can particularly prove expensive – in terms of the sworn translations required, as can name changes. Continue reading “What documentation do you require for applying for Austrian citizenship?”