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Naturalisation timeline
Naturalisation timeline based on my experience

I had my information appointment in April 2017, and was given an appointment for the application (Antragstermin) in late October 2017. The decision confirming eligibility (Zusicherungsbescheid) came through at the end of April 2018, with the ceremony for Austrian citizenship taking place at the start of July 2018.

  • I have received my Zusicherungsbescheid and have started the online application to renounce UK citizenship. I stopped at the payment section. My question is – can I send the form online with scans of my passport and Bescheid, or do I have to print it out and send my original Bescheid plus passport to the UK? I am concerned about being left without a passport until the UK authorities confirm that I am no longer a UK citizen. Thanks for the help.

    • I only sent copies of everything – I would maintain that you need your passport until your Austrian Citizenship has been conferred. After all, the wording of the law is that you have up to two years to prove you have renounced.

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