Am I the only one taking Austrian citizenship?

Sometimes it has felt like a lone furrow being ploughed, as most friends and acquaintances have preferred to either wait and see, or prefer not to give up their citizenship. From the outset, I have believed that Austrian citizenship is the appropriate step for me and my family, especially as we intend to continue living in Austria permanently. Having asked a few friends in recent months, about how they feel about naturalising, there are mixed thoughts, some of which are captured below. Continue reading “Am I the only one taking Austrian citizenship?”

The first step of a long journey…

Tuesday’s announcement from Downing Street was unexpected. Its timing meant that having announced last October, with a considerable fanfare that the “15 year rule” was to be consigned to history and that British citizens will have a vote for life even if they no longer reside in the UK, that that will not be the case at the next General Election, a mere seven weeks away. Continue reading “The first step of a long journey…”