Testing times ahead…

In a previous post, I already touched upon the citizenship test attached to applying for citizenship – and the citizenship test is not unique to taking Austrian citizenship. The content varies from country-to-country, but this week there was media coverage about the absurd case of a candidate naturalising in Switzerland, who spoke the local dialect and living and working in Aarau (roughly equidistant from Basel and Zürich), but who failed the test.  Continue reading “Testing times ahead…”

The Citizenship Test – Part of the Process

In addition to proving adequate language skills (B1/B2 level depending on which process applies to you) there is also another step further down the line after all the paperwork has been satisfactorily submitted: a citizenship test to be taken in German to prove that you know enough about Austria and the country’s history and political system. Sounds intimidating? Continue reading “The Citizenship Test – Part of the Process”