What documentation do you require for applying for Austrian citizenship?

One of the major hurdles to clear is getting all the paperwork needed for the application – and getting it right first time. Depending on life circumstances, this can be remarkably straightforward, or decidedly complicated. Previously annulled marriages in foreign countries can particularly prove expensive – in terms of the sworn translations required, as can name changes.

For Vienna there is a list of required documents (in German). Of course personal circumstances shape what you’ll actually need. The list is as follows:

  1. For applicants from the age of 13: a detailed, signed CV, including places of residence, study and work until the present day, educational history, professional history, qualifications, list of employment relationships held outside of Austria and details about your personal status.
  2. A valid passport
  3. A current biometric passport photo.
  4. Personal identification certificates: birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate confirming registered partnership, death certificates of previous spouses or past registered partners, divorce decrees, certificates of dissolution of partnerships, proof of previous marriages.
  5. Decision about a name change, as well as retaking a previous surname.
  6. Court decision authorising an adoption.
  7. Proof of academic title (Austrian or foreign)
  8. Certificate of recognition of political refugee status or authorised asylum seeker (in accordance with the Asylum Act (AsylG; Asylgesetz 2005).
  9. Proof of citizenship (either by means of passport or certificate of citizenship) – except for asylum seekers under the Geneva Convention or the Asylum Act.
  10. All residence titles, documentation or photo identification documents for holders of privileges and immunities since arrival in Austria (including proof of since when they have been resident).
  11. Proof of residence in Austria: up-to-date residence certificate, and in the case of legitimation card holders a BMEIA confirmation.
  12. Criminal record excerpts for all countries in which you have lived for over 8 months for the last 20 years since the age of 13.
  13. Proof of secured living situation (for the last three years) may include salary/wage slips, employment contract, confirmation of benefits; as well as about regular expenses (e.g. rent, operating costs, alimony, pledged capital and current outstanding loans).
  14. Declaration of regular outgoings.
  15. Declaration about maintenance obligations (both in Austria and abroad)
  16. Self-disclosure statement from the Kreditschutzverband (KSV 1870)
  17. Confirmation of all pledged items, execution titles either from the local court or employer
  18. Proof of all periods of insurance in Austria.
  19. Proof of being the authorised representative of minors or people not able to represent themselves. If applying for someone you represent then you also require the approval of other authorised representatives.
  20. Proof of German language skills at B1 level or higher (10 year route) on the CEF.

For self-employed: a clearance certificate from the tax office (Finanzamt) and proof of payment of contributions for social security.

If held: School report for the subject “Geschichte und Sozialkunde” from at least the 8th school year.

All documents are to be furnished as original versions and copies.

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