Getting a Grundbuchauszug – without leaving the house

Among the supporting documentation for my application, as a property owner, I am required to supply a Grundbuchauszug for the property that I own, and the one that I live in. In the past I have got copies of Grundbuchauszüge from my bank, as usually it has been connected with changes to my mortgage, and they have usually given me a photocopy for personal reference. This post will focus on getting the Grundbuchauszug, and the information required as well as what information the entry contains, which might also be of interest to property owners who have not deciphered it.

The Grundbuchregister is Austria’s land register, and covers unbuilt plots as well as property built on plots. For multi-residence apartment blocks, it contains information about the owner of all the owners of the building, as well as where for example parking spaces or non-communal cellars are bought separately, or where flats have private gardens, information about this.

There are various providers, of excerpt services, that all link to the Justiz portal to get their information. I signed up to – a service of the Wiener Zeitung, publisher of the “Official Gazette” (Amtsblatt der Wiener Zeitung), which was on the list of providers suggested by – this page also has a break-down of fees. Each search query signed and received as a PDF cost me EUR 4.72 incl. VAT. The providers are bound by officially set rates so there is no difference between the providers in terms of cost.

Registering at was a straightforward multi-stage process. First I had to set up an account with a few details (incl. e-mail address and password). Then I had to confirm the registration and received a PDF form to date, sign and return, with an official ID document copy to be sent with it. The form can be returned by post, fax or online. I went for the final option and the account was verified and working within an hour (in the time it took me to drop my son off at kindergarten). I submitted the form and passport copy as PDFs and was able to fill the form and sign it in Acrobat Reader DC using a scanned signature. You are billed EUR 24 for setting up the account and use is billed monthly in arrears.

Getting Grundbuchauszüge: there are only two pieces of information you require: the five figure number of the Katastralgemeinde (KG)  and the Eintragzahl (EZ) which is the plot number (or entry number).  There are entered on the contracts of properties when you buy them. The Katastralgemeinde (cadastral community) is the smallest subdivision in the Grundbuchregister – many Viennese districts will be made up of multiple ones, so it does not correspond to your postcode. In rare cases a plot may be in multiple KGs.

Armed with these two numbers, you can submit a query. You have to be careful to select that you wish to get the query signed (i.e. with a signature featuring the justiz blip) and with an electronic datestamp, and also that you do not choose an HTML query as that won’t be accepted and each query is billed separately. Queries can be reopened for up to five days through your account, but after five days are recharged.


What does the Grundbuchauszug contain? Part A1 contains information about the usage of parts of the plot (e.g. woodland, agriculture etc.) as applicable as well as clarifying the street address of the plot and which cadastral community(-ies) it is located in. Part A2 focuses contains information about planning and services (e.g. relating to cables for telecommunications from an adjoining property, shared garage, drainage). The B section contains the information about the individual dwellings within the entry – for example for entry no. 19 of an entry. Anteil (proportion) indicates how much of the building the dwelling occupies (this is used for calculations of Betriebskosten…)

19 ANTEIL: 25/1621
Max Matthias Mustermann
GEB: 1943-08-21 ADR: Spitalg. 32/1/14, Wien 1090
e 4247/2001 Wohnungseigentum an W 28
g 5870/2005 IM RANG 3693/2005 Kaufvertrag 2005-03-21 Eigentumsrecht

The owner, Max Mustermann, was born in 1943, and was living at Spitalgasse 32 in the 9th district of Vienna. Flat 28 (W 28) was added as a owned apartment in 2001 and was sold to Max Mustermann in 2005.

Part C contains information relating to the financing in place on the apartments.

17 auf Anteil B-LNR 19
   a 5870/2005 Pfandurkunde 2005-05-19
     PFANDRECHT Höchstbetrag EUR XXX.XXX,--
     für BANK ABC AG
   b 7092/2013 Kautionsband

Item no. 17 refers to Item no. 19 of part B. The mortgage providing bank (Bank ABC AG) has added a right of pledge (Pfandrecht) of up to EUR XXX XXX in line a and in line b an entry has been made in 2013 into the Kautionsband (effectively to increase the collateral against the mortgage – can typically occur due to a non-Euro denominated mortgage with repayment vehicle if there is an adverse development in the exchange rate).


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