The waiting game is nearly over…

Hopefully people have wondered what the reason has been for the radio silence from me. Well, while there has been very little to report, the reason has been due to the fact that after submitting everything that was missing at the same time as I took my citizenship test back just before Christmas, I have since been playing the waiting game.

I am pleased to be able to say that everything is on track. I submitted the last pieces of paperwork when I took the citizenship test back on 13 December 2017. My citizenship test pass (17 out of 18 – a question about the Civil War of 1934 and a fat finger error robbed me of maximum marks) was confirmed by letter at the start of the new year, and I was told then it should just be a matter of waiting for a decision. I had been told that my procedure, including the conclusion of the investigative procedure (behördliche Ermittlungen), would take about 4-5 months from the date of my application appointment (in late October 2017). When I submitted the remaining paperwork at the time I took the citizenship test, the waiting began.

Having not received a confirmation that all paperwork had been received safely, I contacted my Case Officer back in early February, who confirmed that everything was received and that I could expect, provided that all was well a positive answer around the start of April. Last Thursday, which marked 1 year to the date originally set for the UK’s leaving the EU, came and went without incident. This morning (3 April) at 11:30 my mobile phone rang. I recognised the number as being one from MA35, and it was indeed my Case Officer, who informed me that only two more pieces of paper were needed to allow the Bescheid der Zusicherung der Verleihung der österreichischen Staatsbürgerschaft to be issued for me and my son, whose application is connected to mine.

The two pieces of paper still required are:

  1. A written statement signed by my wife and me that we have not applied for Russian citizenship for our young son since applying for Austrian citizenship. This was drafted and signed by us both this evening, for electronic and physical submission.
  2. A confirmation from an organisation that I did voluntary work for in the past, in relation to a period 16-17 years ago, confirming that to be the case, since it was needed to plug a hole during a period that I was between jobs, and therefore insurance periods (Versicherungszeiten). The letter is drafted and I hope that the head of that organisation will be able to sign the letter on letterheaded paper for submission to my Case Officer without undue delay.

Thereafter, an appointment will be given for me to collect my Bescheid der Zusicherung der Verleihung der österreichischen Staatsbürgerschaft.

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