A first visit to the UK and time for a reboot!

A fortnight ago I travelled with my wife and children to the UK to visit my family. I saw my mother and stepfather for the first time since 2019. It was also my first trip as an Austrian, and first time since the post that kicked off this blog. The trip gave me a new impetus to update a lot of the content here. A lot of content previously related to naturalisation as an (still) EU citizen to being Austrian.

Since naturalisation in 2018, the process has changed a lot. Citizens not covered by the Withdrawal Agreement (ie. those legally resident since after 31.12.2020 (i.e. the end of the Transition Period)) now have vastly more restricted rights of employment and residence.

Even those covered by the Withdrawal Agreement have had to apply for new residence permits. In 2021 britishinaustria.net worked hard to help get information out to British citizens in Austria about applying. We spent hundreds of hours in outreach to people from all across Austria. We helped assist in a number of tricky cases, handled contacts with MA35 and the Ministry for the Interior (BMI).

However, this blog remains about naturalisation. I will be updating posts accordingly to reflect people’s different experiences since Brexit on naturalising. Welcome, or if you are a returning reader, welcome back!

Feel free to comment or ask a question....

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