Selbstauskunft zur Vorlage

The Selbstauskunft zur Vorlage is a document issued by a credit rating agency (e.g. Kreditschutzverband) that is used in the naturalisation process to assist your application in terms of confirming your sound financial footing. This document is paid for upon delivery (ie. you pay the correct sum to the postman who delivers it and makes you sign for it). It contains excerpts from the KonsumentenKreditEvidenz (a register of consumer loans). Some bank overdraft facilities are captured in this way – as they constitute a type of credit facility. There is also a Warnliste (warning list) excerpt in relation to this (which should of course state “Es liegen keine Eintragungen vor”), as well as the WarenKreditEvidenz (a register for trade loans).

Case officers may not necessarily understand the difference between a rolling overdraft facility and an actual overdraft – so be prepared with a recent bank statement if necessary.