So what now?

Austrian Passport

Today, with the Conservatives sweeping to power with a clear majority, there has been considerable renewed interest in this blog. This morning alone, I received more enquiries from anxious Britons seeking advice about parts of the process, so I will be working with others to also look at parts of the process that might vary from one Bundesland to another.

In addition, I will also be working on transforming this site from one that deals primarily with my experience in Vienna to one that covers the experience in Austria’s Bundesländer.

I will also look into the amendment to the Austrian Citizenship Act that enters into effect from 2020 that will allow the descendents of those who fled the Nazis to now retake their Austrian citizenship without needing to renounce their previous citizenship (§ 58c enters into force in September 2020).

I will also be trying to make the blog more accessible in terms of trying to create a path for those naturalising to follow as a sort of checklist, updating expected costs, how to complete various steps in the procedure and make the blog more helpful for users.