Can’t I just let my UK passport expire, rather than do the renunciation process?

It is not that simple. Following my naturalisation ceremony, I had to subsequently prove that I had indeed renounced my British citizenship. Seeing as I had to submit and pay for the renunciation process to trigger the naturalisation ceremony, there was no way around doing it. I was also required to furnish the “registered” (ie. formally approved) renunciation of my British citizenship bearing the Home Office stamp and date with MA35 to conclude the process and for my file to be closed.

Article 20 of the Austrian Citizenship Act of 1985 clarifies that renunciation must be done within 2 years of receiving Austrian citizenship. (Information checked on 05.01.2019).

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  1. I have received my „Bescheid“ granting me Austrian citizenship and my declaration of renunciation of British Citizenship with the Home Office stamp. The person responsible for my citizenship application now informs me that I need to get the apostille on the Declaration of Renunciation. Is this correct?

    1. Thanks. The justification I was given is that all UK documents have to be apostilled. When did you hand in your declaration of renunciation? I live in Styria. Do you mind telling me which provincial authority you dealt with? I would really like to get out of this as it means more hassle and more money down the drain.

      1. I did mine in Vienna – at MA35 – my renunciation was handed in about three weeks after receipt as I was combining it with another appointment there for my wife. I will pass on an e-mail address for a contact in Graz who might be able to help you.

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