How long in the processing time for renunciation of British citizenship?

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4 Replies to “How long in the processing time for renunciation of British citizenship?”

  1. Can a copy of my US passport be sent for proof of citizenship when renouncing British citizenship? I am completing on-line application, where do I send original British passport and supporting documents.

    1. Usually when you submit the online forms, there is an address stated at the end (for UKVI in Liverpool) that they say where some documents e.g. travel documents are required to be sent. If your US passport is proof of US citizenship (in some countries a passport is only a travel document and not considered proof of citizenship – e.g. from here you send your Staatsbürgerschaftsnachweis) then a copy would be a suitable document to send. There is a filling guide, please check whether you need a certified copy made of the photo page by a lawyer. Hope this helps – this blog only deals with becoming an Austrian citizen and renouncing British.

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