The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning

After a lengthy application process and requests to furnish further documents and having to wait for a citizenship test appointment, my wife was recently issued with the “Bescheid der Zusicherung der Verleihung der österreichischen Staatsbürgerschaft“. For me, that milestone is still a long way off, if anything my immediate concern remains whether the case number (Geschäftszahl) for my application will be issued prior to any “no deal” as the spectre of the United Kingdom walking away from the negotiation table is currently looming as the latest round of negotiations on the UK leaving the EU have failed to progress as far as hoped from all sides.  Continue reading “The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning”

Getting a Grundbuchauszug – without leaving the house

Among the supporting documentation for my application, as a property owner, I am required to supply a Grundbuchauszug for the property that I own, and the one that I live in. In the past I have got copies of Grundbuchauszüge from my bank, as usually it has been connected with changes to my mortgage, and they have usually given me a photocopy for personal reference. This post will focus on getting the Grundbuchauszug, and the information required as well as what information the entry contains, which might also be of interest to property owners who have not deciphered it. Continue reading “Getting a Grundbuchauszug – without leaving the house”

Gib mir Bescheid!

Before anyone wonders about the punny title, I am not exhorting people to “let me know!”- although it does remind me to reiterate that I am of course interested in hearing about others people’s experiences, and to contact me with questions or information about their experience. Indeed this post draws on someone else’s recent experience. Continue reading “Gib mir Bescheid!”

My most important, yet uninspiring, CV

The CV I am drafting ahead of my citizenship application appointment in October is definitely not intended to land me an out-of-this-world job. It might barely be good enough to set me apart from the crowd in terms of showcasing my skills other than how not to write a CV applying for a job. And while CVs usually should be embellished to within a whisker of containing a lie, in this case it is not. Continue reading “My most important, yet uninspiring, CV”

Testing times ahead…

In a previous post, I already touched upon the citizenship test attached to applying for citizenship – and the citizenship test is not unique to taking Austrian citizenship. The content varies from country-to-country, but this week there was media coverage about the absurd case of a candidate naturalising in Switzerland, who spoke the local dialect and living and working in Aarau (roughly equidistant from Basel and Zürich), but who failed the test.  Continue reading “Testing times ahead…”

How do other Brits in Austria feel about naturalising?

I started this blog when I had already made the decision that I would naturalise and take Austrian citizenship. From the outset I have always advocated that the decision is the right one for my personal circumstances – both in terms of my professional activities and my family. Given my wife’s experience I am aware that the road ahead is a long one. A number of other Britons in Austria have asked why I already feel so convinced about the decision, while they prefer to wait and see. Continue reading “How do other Brits in Austria feel about naturalising?”

The Citizenship Test – Part of the Process

In addition to proving adequate language skills (B1/B2 level depending on which process applies to you) there is also another step further down the line after all the paperwork has been satisfactorily submitted: a citizenship test to be taken in German to prove that you know enough about Austria and the country’s history and political system. Sounds intimidating? Continue reading “The Citizenship Test – Part of the Process”